Federal Learning Account

Federal Learning Account: What is it?
The Federal Learning Account is the online service that allows you to manage the individual and sectoral training rights of your employees. You register trainings and training rights and can keep track of which training your employees have followed and to which they are still entitled.

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Registration of trainings

By registering the training completed by your employees, you maintain a complete and centralized history of their training. You can perform the registration easily and quickly in the application. You can also modify or delete a course.

Training rights

In the Federal Learning Account you can easily assign training rights to one or more employees at the same time. Employees can use their training credits to pursue a training that meets their needs, interests and career goals. In this way, FLA helps employees to better shape their own professional development.


On the dashboard you will find an overview of your company's situation. Some indicators are intended to get your attention and help you manage your company's employee training plans more efficiently. The dashboard also shows you how the training credit is spent.

How do I register?

I have used the social security online services before.

f you have used the social security's online services before (for example the e-Box Enterprise), you can log in directly to the Federal Learning Account with itsme or the eID.

You can give new users access to the batch and API channel in the Access Management.

I'm new here!

If you've never used a Social Security online service, follow these three steps to register.


Register on the social security portal to gain secure access for your company.


Provide access to online services. You can now manage access to the online services and designate other employees who should have access.


Log in to the online service with itsme or eID.

See more details in Getting access

How does it work?

Federal Learning Account User Manual

You can learn more about the operation of the online application by downloading the manual.


Other channels

In addition to the online application there are other channels allowing employers to enter the training data of their workers and keep these data up-to-date or to obtain their training credit.


A BATCH channel to allow sending mass data (in XML format)


A BATCH channel to allow sending mass data (in XML format)

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